The Kingdom Hour: Donna Ghanney Interviews Johnson Emmanuel

Kingdom Empowerment, Inc.'s Talk Show Host - Dr. Donna Ghanney Interviews Johnson Emmanuel on "The Kingdom Hour" on Friday, February 15, 2019 at 12:00 PM EST.

Topic: "Balancing Streams of Income While Doing God's Work"

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About Our Guest: Johnson Emmanuel

Johnson Emmanuel is an Pastor, Author, Entrepreneur who has taught many others how to scale their revenues up to 6-figures.

His clients has been featured on ABC, Forbes, CNN, Los Angeles Times, and Fox News.

Johnson Emmanuel is passionate about helping his clients to succeed whereby they can fulfill their mission and purpose in life.

Johnson Emmanuel is the founder of  one of the fastest growing marketing agency in Africa, Havanzer (& 4 other successful companies), and he is one of  the most sought after business growth & marketing strategists on the continent.

He has consulted and advice businesses in 42 countries and in over 100 different industries, teaching over 650,000 people through his seminars, contents, and training, he’s an expert at helping companies massively generate sales and grow revenue exponentially while maximizing profit and 'goodwill'.

London Graduate School recently nominated him for an honorary  award in business because of his exceptional success at helping business owners succeed.

Johnson Emmanuel is best known for creating POWERFUL marketing  strategies,campaigns and systems that resulted in massive customer generation, sales acceleration and rapid revenue growth for his clients' companies. Learn More about Johnson Emmanuel at: