Prophetess Dihima McLean

Dihima Mclean serves as a distinguished leader at her local church Faith in Action Deliverance Ministry. She operates in various arena of ministry cultivating and impacting the lives of people. She mentors and teaches teens and children’s church developing them educationally about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She also plays a significant role as an armor bearer. An armor bearer that is assigned to the senior pastor and leader to attend to, minister, assist, nourish, promote, and support her as well as the congregation. In addition, she’s actively an Evangelist, praise and worship leader, a public relation coordinator and director and many more.

Dihima believes the call of God on her life to the office of the deliverance and prophetic ministry, a call to prophesy and proclaim the unadulterated infallible word of God as well as the message of salvation to the world. She embodies the spirit of excellence, integrity and a heart that is compelled to saves souls at any cost and that includes preaching the message of reconciliation and grace. She is radical and courageous in declaring the gospel in her motivational speaking, inspiring teaching, powerful praying and empowering writing. As a gifted writer she makes it her endeavor to pour out and impart her wisdom and knowledge to edify the body of Christ, so that they will be nurtured and prepared for the return of Christ. She looks forward to writing a series of books on spiritual warfare as well as the reformation of the church through the prophetic ministry. 

Dihima is currently a college student at Lehman College majoring in Sociology. She also attended Bronx Community College where she obtained her associates degree in Early Childhood Education. In Bronx Community College she’s done internships teaching at public schools for special Ed students. Lastly, she studied Forensic Science at John Jay College. She looks forward in pursuing her masters and PhD in Early Childhood Education and Theology.

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