Kingdom Keys: Christian Leadership - Worship, Relationship, & Covenant - Key Point 1

Topic: Kingdom Keys: Strong Christian Leadership Series 1: Your Worship, Relationship, and Covenant with God. Kingdom Empowerment, Inc., Donna Ghanney, Talk Show Host discusses Seven Key Points to Strong Christian Leadership with Apostle Paulius Amoa-Kodie Founder of Christ For The Africans Ministries, Dallas, Texas, and Rev. Betty Shelby of Amos Temple, Boley, OK. Seven Key Points to Strong Christian Leadership 1.Worship, Relationship, and Covenant with God 2.Develop Genuine Trust and Credibility 3.Sharing the Vision with Concise Clarity 4.Help Followers to Succeed – Christian Coaching and Mentoring 5.Communicating and Listening 6.Make Decisions and Be Accountable 7.Remain Under The Control of God GET KINGDOM EMPOWERED TODAY!