KEI Radio Talk Show Host Donna Ghanney Interviews TBN's Generation Acts Host - Pastor Bill Jenkins

KEI Radio Host - Donna Ghanney interviews Pastor Bill Jenkins on his new book "fifteen": Giving the Number 15 a Prophetic Voice to Release a Vision for Success Learn Kingdom Prophetic Insights about the number "fifteen" in the Holy Bible and what it means to the Body of Christ now in this hour. Pastor Bill Jenkins is the founder and senior pastor of CHURCH OF ACTS in Indianapolis, IN and is also the host of GENERATION ACTS a weekly television broadcast on TBN. The Indiana Minority Business magazine has recognized him as a "MAN OF DISTINCTION", and he has also received the MAYORS COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD. He is considered by others as a leading prophetic voice with the ability to encourage others through the power of the WORD OF GOD. He is the author of 4 books with his new release "fifteen" which gives the number 15 in the Bible a prophetic voice to release a vision for success in 2015. Learn more about his book here: Watch his videos on YouTube: