KEITV12: The Kingdom Hour - Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney Interviews Eileen Koff

Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney Interviews Eileen Koff, CPO on KEITV12 - The Kingdom Hour.

Topic: Organized His Way

Short Bio: Eileen Koff

Can an organized life lead to deeper and more intimate relationships? Is clutter a faith issue? And does the Bible have anything to say about it?

As a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO), author and speaker Eileen Koff has worked firsthand with Christians as they struggle to get their stuff (and by extension, their lives) organized. And along with her clients, Eileen desires a stronger, more fulfilled relationship with Christ. That’s why she has devised a program to bring Him into the world of organizing.

With nearly two decades of experience in professional organizing, Eileen’s Christian-centered approach is radically unique. As the author of Organize...His Way: A Christ Centered Approach to Organizing Your Life, her concepts illuminate new ideas and strategies for solving organizational dilemmas.

Eileen teaches how clutter not only robs happiness from our homes, but how the chaos undermines the relationships with our family, friends and God as well. In her presentations, she stirs audiences to immediate action, motivating listeners to put an end to years of frustration and clutter build-up. With an engaging, interactive style, she packs her presentations with how-to's, humor and inspiration.

Audiences leave with a renewed sense of purpose and priorities, and are equipped with the tools and understanding they need to organize what really matters.

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