KEITV12: The Kingdom Hour - Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney interviews Dr. Reggie Padin

Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. Digital Broadcasting TV (KEITV12) - Talk Show Host - Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney interviews Dr. Reggie Padin on The Kingdom Hour.
Topic: From Dropout to Doctor
"Shifting my mindset changed the trajectory of my life. I went from drop out to doctor; from poverty to plenty; from a job I hated to a rewarding career.”
Bio: Dr. Reggie Padin
Dr. Reggie R. Padin, is the dean of the corporate university for a multibillion dollar corporation in Miami, Florida, and has been working on the concept of the book for about seven years, but waited until he graduate with his doctor of education from Nova Southeaster University in June, 2015, to begin writing it.
In his first book, "Get Out Of The Dumpster! A True Story on Overcoming Limitations," Dr. Padin narrates how he went from being a high school dropout, working for pennies hauling garbage by hand out of a dumpster, to become a successful educator, author, entrepreneur, executive coach and spiritual leader;
and shows how anyone experiencing "Dumpster Moments" can do the same. The book refers to "Dumpster Moments" as self-imposed limitations people face —fears, doubts, confusion, economic problems, emotional turmoil, and toxic relationships— and how they can overcome these limitations in order to reach a higher level.
By following the principles laid out in the book, Dr. Padin went from being a high school drop out to earn academic credentials which include a Master of Divinity from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan; an MBA in Organizational Management from Carlos Albizu University, Miami campus; and a Doctorate in Education from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Dr. Padin’s mission is all about helping people overcome their “Dumpster Moments” and go beyond their limitations. An award-winning speaker, his story has inspired many to believe in themselves and recognize their God-given potential.
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