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Kingdom Empowerment, Inc.'s KEITV12 Talk Show Host Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney interviews Author and Entrepreneur Dr. Ray Gebauer on the topic "Health and Wellness".

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 3:2 (AKJV)

Learn natural things about your body nobody has told you before.

Ray Gebauer is passionate about creating value and making a positive difference in the world, especially in SAVING LIVES. He has been serving people through sales since age 12 when he won a trip to Disneyland by selling newspaper subscriptions for his early morning paper route in Gresham Oregon.

After graduating from Grace Bible College and becoming an ordained minister in 1975, he discovered Network Marketing. Because of his background in physics and math, he enthusiastically embraced the concept of leverage that can result in multi-dimensional freedom. With one company, his organization of over 850,000 distributors generated over a BILLION dollars of sales volume which put him in the top 1% of earners in the world. After 14 years, he was unjustly terminated without warning. So he knows the pain of being kicked off the top of the mountain and starting over.

As a holistic health doctor (non-licensed) his strongest passion is empowering people in their health--to live longer and better. He is also a dynamic public speaker, and has created and conducted five Workshops, including:

The Five Dimensions of being Powerful and Empowering Others

StarMaker Workshop

The Freedom Workshop

Leadership Development Workshop

Ray Gebauer is the author of hundreds of health and business articles and seven popular books, including

How to Cure and Prevent Any Disease

The Single Cause and Cure for Any Health Challenge

40 Ways to Kill Stress before it Kills You

The Treasure Map to Finding Your Treasure

The Secret to Maximizing Being Happy

Ray Gebauer is on a mission to build a team of a million health advisers who can collectively make a major impact in the world. As such, he is actively seeking passionate leaders who want to join him in this mission "to save the world", with mentoring and coaching as needed.

Concurrently, he is committed to giving away a FREE copy of his latest book, 40 Ways to Kill Stress Before It Kills You to 100 MILLION people worldwide. You can get your copy now at  40 WAYS TO KILL  STRESS  BEFORE IT KILLS YOU

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