KEITV12: The Kingdom Hour - Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney Interviews Jenny Maher

KEITV12: Host, Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney interviews Author, Jenny Maher on The Kingdom Hour

Short Bio: Jenny Maher

Faced with her own diagnosed mental illness, at 21 she was shot in the mouth by the police after calling for help. At 34 feeling hurt and alone, she decided to give up it by attempting suicide that changed her life forever. Surviving, though a quadriplegic she knew life was only going to get harder, she just didn't know how much. Having to relearn to do everything from eating to sitting, with no family support, she was dependent on the aides and nurses for assistance. Unfortunately it was abuse and neglect she received that almost cost her her life. Though the physical challenges weren't enough, her mental illness led to deep depressions. She was able to find strength in a God she never knew, a faith that gave here undeniable strength. Through personal experiences Jenny is inspirational in not only what she was faced with, but what she has accomplished despite her disabilities. Her compassion and knowledge first-hand in the medical and mental health field is worth listening to and/or reading about.
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