KEITV12: The Kingdom Hour - Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney interviews Alain Dagba

KEITV12's Talk Show Host, Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney interviews Minister, Coach, and Author Alain Dagba on The Kingdom Hour program.

Topic: The Art of Happiness

Short Bio: Alain Dagba

He has discovered his prolific writing talent at the age of twelve through what he called “following the voice within.” Alain to this day has written more than one hundred books dealing with different subjects; from wellness to well-being, spirituality to relationships, and entrepreneurship to business.

As a teenager, Alain has always desired to minister since he was able to quote some biblical scriptures to help so many people as he counsel them through inspiration even before he knew his ideas existed in the Bible. Alain is also a fine art artist, passionate about oil painting, a natural gift he found within himself.

Alain educational background is in psychology and social work.  His all time outstanding book Secrets To Divine Manifestations has helped so many souls and still does.

As an independent scientific researcher, Alain is also a student of world religions, social evolution, and political contrasts. He is the founder of the Non-Profit Organization: Earth-Link; Earth-Light which he founded based on the ideology of “Making the Planet a Better Place.”

Alain has been coaching many people at a personal level, business level, and relationships; showing people a better way to live and to become more productive in all areas of life. Alain is a public speaker and a minister. He and his wife: Danielle Dagba, own 1 Happy Life, LLC; which is their personal business.

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