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KEITV12's Talk Show Host Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney Interviews Michael B. Ross on The Kingdom Hour

Topic: Cultural Remodeling in the Churches

Michael B. Ross is a “visioneer” from Ohio who has a heart to see others live their dreams and reach their maximum potential. He’s driven by a strong conviction that each individual was created to be extraordinary and do extraordinary things. After stepping out of a steady job in corporate America, Michael pursued his calling: teaching and training others to develop into fulfilled and influential individuals.

Michael is a successful business owner and entrepreneur. He has a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Geneva College and I.T. Project Management from Robert Morris University and is currently studying to complete his Ph.D. He is a United States Navy veteran and has served in Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, Japan and several other places around the globe. Michael’s experience in the Navy has contributed to his ability to see beyond the “small town” mentality and make an impact at the global level.

Michael is an expert in character training and is a certified Coach, Teacher, Podcaster and Speaker. He, his wife Brittany and their three children, Zaiden, Quinn and Brinley reside in Ohio.

“The truth won’t stop being the truth just because we avoid it.” – Michael

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