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Topic: Mobilizing, Mentoring, and Multiplying the Efforts of Real Men
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  • Mentoring and Understanding Men
  • Raising Boys
  • Being a Spiritual Leader
  • Traits of Real Men
Short Bio: Dr. Joe Martin
Joe Martin is the founder and creator of Real Men Connect (RMC). Before he accepted God’s call into full-time ministry, he served over 22 years as an award-winning educator, international speaker, author, and educational consultant. His job: to help teachers succeed and help students achieve in the classroom. Now, he is considered a spiritually-trained and certified “man builder” who speaks to men’s groups all across America. 
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 About Real Men Connect
Real Men Connect (RMC) is a mentoring and discipleship community for Christian men. The goal of RMC is to help GOOD men become GREAT men, God’s way. Our mission is to MOBILIZE, MENTOR, and MULTIPLY godly men from all over the country by connecting them with men who have a sincere desire to grow spiritually as husbands, fathers, and leaders. In addition, we connect men to online and offline resources that will spiritually help sharpen, strengthen, and support them along their journey. 
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