KEITV12: The Kingdom Hour - Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney Interviews Twana Lawler

KEITV12's Talk Show Host Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney interviews Twana Lawler on The Kingdom Hour on her victorious delivery.

Topic: Testimonies of Overcoming The Chronic Illness HIV/AIDS

She has poet, author, playwright, screenwriter, Motivational Speaker and Gospel Songwriter added to her BIO.

My Life is a true life account of Twana Lawler's life.  The book touches on the events over the course of her journey in life. This had been the defining points in her life. My Life is a heartfelt story that touches on sensitive issues about relationships, suicide, teenage pregnancies, sexual assault, family drama, chronic illness and a quest for deliverance. She also raised her five grandchildren for ten years. My Life will shock most of its readers because of the harshness of the reality plaguing the core of the family in our communities.

Her websites are:

Facebook Page: @tragedytodestinyautobiography

Twitter: @mylife48613


When A Woman's Fed Up (2013) -

Who Did I Marry (2013) -