KEITV12: The Kingdom Hour - Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney Interviews Apostle To...

Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney Interviews Apostle Tom Thompson and Apostle Clement Ogoro  on "The Kingdom Hour".

Topic: "Global Growth in the Church: The Kingdom Mandate"

On March 5 2015 Krish Kandiah, Contributing Editor for Christian Today Magazine called "The Church is Growing, and here are the figures that prove it wrote an article about the state of the globe report on religious statistics listed in the International Bulletin for Missionary Research (IBMR) by Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary-based Centre for the Global Study of Christianity.

The writer indicated that according to the report there was a decline in church growth in the Western world in comparison to Africa, Asia, and South America.  He further stated that although there was a decline, there was still some slight growth in Europe and America.

In our discussion, there are several Kingdom Insights presented to bring transformation and restoration in the Body of Christ under the original Kingdom Mandate set by Jesus Christ for the Great Commission.

As we refocus our global vision, may God help us regain confidence in Him and in the gospel which is bearing fruit all around the world.

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