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Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney Interviews Susan Nwokedi M.Ed on "The Kingdom Hour".

Topic: Think It, Believe It. Experience It! "TBE"

About Our Guest Susan Nwokedi, M.Ed
TopLine Production & Ent. Co.

Susan N. Nwokedi is an award-winning writer, producer, filmmaker and actor with over 15 years of entertainment industry experience.  She is one of the pioneers of Nollywood USA and is very active in the organization and development of the rising film industry.  Her experience, entertainment industry knowledge and professionalism makes her one of the most sought after producers.  Nwokedi earned a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Theatre from University of Houston, School of Theater and a Masters of Science Degree in EMDT with film from Full Sail University.  She is the Founder and CEO of TopLine Production and Entertainment Co.   Nwokedi also earned her educational leadership credentials from University of Thomas, Houston and was a public-school teacher for 11 years.  She made the difficult decision to leave the classroom last to focus on her entertainment career.  She plans to use her creative talents to inspire, equip and teach both children and adults.

Nwokedi is very passionate about the craft of filmmaking and welcomes all opportunities to collaborate and partake in the art form regardless of whether she's acting, directing or producing.  She believes in sharing her undeniable talent with all audience members, regardless of their demographic and location.  Her outlook on pursuing one’s dream is to dream big, think it, believe it, and achieve it.  Some of her TV/film credits include but not limited to:

  • As Long As I Am (ALAI) A (Writer/Producer/Actress)
  • Mind of the Enemy, (Writer/Producer/Actress)
  • 12 Noon, (Writer/Producer/Actress/Co-Director)
  • Secret Past (Producer/Actress)
  • A Hopeful Journey (Producer/Actress)
  • The Brat (Actress)
  • Exit (Actress)
  • Tears on my Pillow (Actress),
  • Resentment (Actress)
  • African Connection (Producer/Actress)
  • Pound of Flesh (Actress)
  • Ricochet (Writer/Actress/Producer)
  • Blood and Destiny (Producer)
  • The Land (Producer)
  • Royal Dilemma (Actress),
  • Dirty Pastor (Producer/Actress)
  • The Other Side (Actress)
  • Another Leaf (Actress)
  • My Drug Brother (Production Manager/Actress)
  • Return of Exile (Actress)
  • Jason’s Lyric (Actress)
  • Sidekicks (Actress)
  • Alice in America (Actress)
  • Lads in the City (Actress)
  • TopLine Presents (TV Show Host)
  • Street Talk (TV Show Host)

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