Kingdom Authority - “Cooking With Kate!”

Rev. Dansiea Jones Morris on the Kingdom Authority Broadcast, Introducing a new 3rd Sunday Segment of "Cookin' with Kate". Get inspirational and thought-provoking Biblical principles to help spice up your Christian walk with Minister Kate Cook! 
Topic: **Cooking With Kate!**

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Kate Cook Bio

Kate Cook was born in Detroit, MI.  She moved to the desert with her family in 1994 and has lived in Tucson, AZ ever since.  She has been abundantly blessed to walk through life, side by side with her husband, Keith Cook, and their 5 children: Vanessa, Malik, KC, Kyla, and Keith.  

Kate has served many years in ministry under the leadership and guidance of Bishop La'Tresa Jester at Gideon Full Gospel Baptist Church.  She has served as a teacher, speaker, minister, writer, editor and leader through this ministry.  

Kate has a peculiar passion for the word of God.  She is a pure worshipper with a heart that seeks and pursues after His presence.