Have You Been Labeled A "Troublemaker" Because of Jesus Christ?

"I will prove to the people in my local church that I love them more than they love me! But will also show them that I love Jesus more than I love them."
 --D. L. Moody

Have you noticed one thing in the Holy Bible? Everywhere the children of God went to, there was one form of trouble or another. 

It is similar to what we see today. Carriers in the Truth and Spirit of JESUS CHRIST leave a trail of distinction behind. They are the most misunderstood people in the world. 

They choose GOD over mammon. Others may choose mammon. Those who have given their bodies as a living sacrifice and accepted that there is a necessity of being transformed and renewed have decided to move past the old nature toward the choice of being born again. They have chosen to pick up the cross and to follow HIM. Although they are not perfected, they are striving to reach the unattainable level of being Christ-like. They understand that when they say CHRIST looks at the heart of man, that it is important to allow GOD to work on the condition of the heart. They have accepted the fact that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! 

This is something that was incomprehensible at the time of JESUS CHRIST and can be even more so now in this day and time. 

You may be one that is of the chosen elect and are going around leaving a trail of the GOSPEL that is called "trouble" everywhere you go. Your views may be considered of hatred and strife at times because the world does not believe that JESUS CHRIST is LORD! That does not mean that you should force your views on the ones outside of the body of CHRIST. However, it is a more relevant time to preach the WORD of GOD to those who say that they are Christians and seeking the LORD in the Truth and Spirit.

Count it all good...if it is in the Truth and Spirit of JESUS CHRIST. 

Stand in faith unto the end! 

Stay vigilant in pursuit of HIS sovereign will by accepting HIS WORD and aligning to HIS will. 

They threw Jeremiah into a pit because he remained faithful to GOD's declaration of the WORD! It did not change GOD's WORD for mankind. Nor did it stop HIS WORD from going forth!

They threw Joseph into a pit and sold into slavery by his brothers when he revealed the dream GOD had given him. They despised him even more because of the favor bestowed upon him and his coat of many colors. He ended up going from the pit to the palace.

Paul was stoned, whipped and persecuted for the TRUTH. 

Not many can stand the raw unadulterated TRUTH. That does not mean for you to stop declaring IT to the end.

HIS GREAT COMMISSION is never-ending. Press in unto the glory of the LORD!

Psalm 37:1; Proverbs 24:1-2; Isaiah 53; Acts 24:5; Acts 17:6; 1 Samuel 18; Genesis 37; Jeremiah 38