KEITV12: The Kingdom Hour - Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney Interviews Marsha Barth

Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney Interviews Marsha Barth, author of The Shattering and The Shattering II on "The Kingdom Hour".

Topic: Overcoming With Faith

About Our Guest: Marsha Barth

Marsha Lynn Barth (Marty) is an author, inspirational speaker, and has spoken at various retreats and conferences for 20 years. She has done many radio interviews across the nation as far away as Hawaii, and in other countries, and interviewed on TV to bring a message of healing to the broken and shattered. As a speaker, she has spoken to college Criminology and Psychology students, State Social Services programs involving advocates and foster parents, to addiction and recovery centers and at child advocacy venues. She has talked personally to her current Pa. State Governor and has been a guest speaker for PCAR (Pa. Coalition Against Rape) at their state event, speaking with State Representatives, the former Governor's wife and other state leaders to bring awareness, prevention, and the importance of knowing the joy of overcoming--going from “Victim to Victor”.  Marsha has DJ’d on Christian radio and worked at a drug rehab hospital.  But dearest to her heart, she has visited and spoken at prisons in PA for over 11 years and has been a guest speaker in prisons across the nation and as far away as Maui, and Kauai, HI, in Florida, Virginia and at an all-male facility maximum security prison in MD. 

Marsha was born in the foothills of WV.  A business-woman by profession, she ran the family business side by side with her husband Mike, in Pa., for nearly 27 years.  She is the mother of two children-Mike Jr. and Jennifer and has eight grandchildren-seven boys and one girl.

Marty, as she prefers to be called, is an author, speaker, and advocate.  Her recent book “The Shattering” is her true life story of overcoming child sexual abuse.  More than a story of victimization, it is a story of the power of love, the promise of hope, and the inspiration of knowing that what has happened in our lives does not define who we are.  “The Shattering” - 'A Child's Innocence Betrayed' is a powerful story that will enable the reader to understand abuse from a child's perspective, why they remain silent, and how just one thread of hope can change a life forever. “The Shattering II”-'Breaking the Silence' takes the reader on the healing journey, past the pain, from 'Victim to Victor'. Written in novel form, readers are held in suspense, and will find themselves in the picturesque settings of the Southern Appalachians, where their hearts will be forever touched by these inspiring stories. 

It is her goal to let the broken and shattered know that they do matter and that they may know the reality of a God who truly does love and care for them and their every heartfelt hopes and dreams.  That they may know that they can heal, and can understand that healing is a journey that will lead us to God's heart and purpose for our lives---”our happiness and our salvation”.