Twenty Six Kingdom Principles for Christian Leaders to Implement Now!

Source: Pexels, CC

1. Don't burn out by working the ministry instead of doing the will of GOD!
2. Manage your time effectively. 
3. Delegate task and activities.
4. Surround yourself with Godly council. 
5. Allow iron to sharpen iron. 
6. Gird up your loins often in consecration and fasting.
7. Stay intune with GOD and not the world's precepts, order, and ways.
8. Let ABBA FATHER's business be your business. 
9. Seek ye the Kingdom of GOD and HIS righteousness above all. 
10. Stay in the faith and in HIS covenant. 
11. Keep HIS yoke upon your shoulders.
12. Remain steadfast, immovable, and abiding in HIS Will. 
13.  Pray! Pray! Pray! 
14. Desire HIS SHEMAH. 
15. Desire the HOLY GHOST to rest on the throne of your heart.
16. Worship and obey. 
17. Trust HIM above all things. 
18. Withdraw from the crowd to spend 40 days with GOD alone without technologies.
19. Take vacations with family in seclusive territory without your technologies.
20. Schedule appointments.
21. Warfare is a must.
22. Seek GOD for HIS wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and divine revelation daily.
23. Seek GOD for mercy and grace.
24. Repent often.
25. WORD is SPIRIT. Consume IT.
26. Align everything around you based on BIBLICAL principles.