Image: Pexels, Creative Commons, Sourced, 14 June, 2018

How do we avoid habits that may lead to self-sabotage? Often times we pray for something, but our habits can sabotage the prayer answers from being effective. We allow our habits to sabotage us when we allow our bodily senses (eyes, ears, taste, smell, and feelings) to rule over our soul (emotions, thoughts and desires); and when our body and soul are directed toward negative habits. The prophets of Baal had a negative habit of feasting at the table of Jezebel. This later led to their destruction.
Habits are very hard to hide. The response to negative and positive habits will reveal who you are. The Kingdom key is to understand that negative habits may overrule your reasoning. They often nullify intentions and enslave mindsets....then later enslave you spiritually.
It is through the name above all names that we are set free. That would be Jesus "YahShuah". Egyptian mindsets....Babylonian not the answer. If the mind is enslaved and cannot be freed from the basics of lust, gossip, and other would be difficult to free anyone else with the same habit.The Holy Spirit...Holy Ghost...and the empowering Word of God is needed to renew the mind and inner spirit of man. One must examine his weaknesses to increase in strengths to avoid the 'strange fruit' that leads to spiritual death. Strength does not come with the word man...but with the dunamis power being embedded in the DNA of man. In order to claim dominion and power you must be capable of releasing that power. In order to sustain that power you must have vision and wisdom from upon high. Without it my people perish for lack of knowledge
Examples of negative habits that can be causing you to experience self-sabotage: Lateness, Continuous Desire to Text, Negative Thinking, Playing Video Games, Gossiping, Lying, Profanity, Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, Taking Drugs that are harmful to your body, Overeating, Gambling, Laziness, Overspending, Pornography, Masturbation, Neediness, Rash Decision Making, Procrastination, being to Secure or Confident in Yourself, and etc..
Everyone has or have had habits that need to be broken. You can overcome them when you take understanding of the negative habits that exist in your life. You must be determined to walk free from the affliction and affliction of the enemy. It requires for you to press in and make choices that exhibit the wisdom of God.
Here are some simple daily activities that you will want to add to your schedule:
  1. Wash your negative thoughts and patterns and replace them with the Word of God. In the Holy Bible, Paul is encouraging the body of Christ in Romans 12:1-3 to give our bodies as a living sacrifice that is holy and acceptable to Jesus Christ. He is furthermore declaring that the is a necessity to be renewed and transformed in the mind. Transformation and renewing of the mind requires every born again believer to take action in order to implement it in the soul. The Word of God is our life line toward experiencing transformation. The Apostle Paul is not giving a passive lesson of doctrine. He is encouraging every reader to take action, and to employ steps to make it a part of being active in the approach. Every child of God must make this a lifestyle in order to overcome every unclean habit. When your mind is renewed you can make a conscious effort to avoid self sabotage.
  2. Rely on the grace of God prayerfully. This type of grace is not a crutch that you can lean on and expect for it to hold you up. It is an empowering grace that you must desire in faith to catapult you forwards not backwards. When you visualize you old nature while reading the Holy Bible you must pray in the name of Jesus Christ for strength to endure the necessary transformation. You will also need strength to hold on to the positive habits.
  3. Be quick to repent and to decide never to return to the old nature. Allow the Word of God to become the acts of your life in faith. Although, it may come to your mind to repeat the same old nature, you will need to be steadfast and immovable in your new nature in Christ Jesus. It is not an option for a born again believer to satisfy sin. With every promise the Lord have given us their is a condition that must be met. Be determined to allow the cleansing flow by the Blood of the Lamb to set your free from dark habits. In 1 John 1, we are told that “God is faithful and just to forgive us for all sins.” He also says we must acknowledge the sin and repent. That means we must take action when we are convicted by the Holy Ghost, Word of God, and any other way, and desire to get our relationship quickly back into alignment with the sovereign will of God as soon as possible. Delays can often lead to having a reprobate mind and stagnate our Christian growth. This also leads to living an unhealthy lifestyle.
  4. Consider transformation and renewing as an urgency. In the book of Romans, Paul shows us that it is imperative that we must play a role in behavioral change. It is not something that will just drop in our lap. It is something that we must want and desire in the soul. Developing an urgency and defining why it is important for you to change will help you to be clear about your Christian life.

Let’s take time write down reasons why it is important for you to make changes in your life to drop the habits you want to get rid of. 

There are many more things to take into consideration when you have decided to change your old lifestyle and adapt to a new sincere Christian lifestyle. You will learn more in Part 4. Keep moving forward you are making great strides.