Kingdom Talk: Evangelist Anastacia Haye Interviews Dr. Ray McAllister

Host Evangelist Anastacia Haye as she interviews Dr. Ray McAllister On "Kingdom Talk" where

“We share real stories, from real people, Who’ve had real life victories”

Topic: Accomplishing Great Things Despite Life Circumstances

About Our Guest:

Dr.  Ray McAllister, 44 years old has been blind since the age of 12. In spite of this, he has managed to live a rich and eventful life. He has tried many things that sound unusual or even impossible for blind people such as going bungee jumping at 17 and  learning to ski downhill in tandem with a tutor. Dr. Ray McAllister wrote a book, The Blind Dream-Chaser where he shares his life experiences, hobbies and vocation in a personal way.

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