The Kingdom Hour: Donna Ghanney interviews Estanislao (T.J.) Hurtado III

Donna Ghanney as she interviews Author, Estanislao (T.J.) Hurtado III on The Kingdom Hour where we share 

     "Empowering and Equipping Real Life Stories that Impact Spirit, Soul, and Body"

Topic: A Love Letter To The Ladies

About Our Guest: Estanislao (T.J.) Hurtado III

Raised by a single mother and the older brother of three younger sisters, naturally prepared Estanislao (T.J.) Hurtado III to communicate and understand a female’s perspective. Over the past twenty-two years as a single Christian man, he has met many single Christian ladies who have shared many of their personal life events with him. Known as the kind, single brother in the Lord, he remained in the friend zone with the women, which made it comfortable for them to confide in him. Having experienced similar situations, many of the conversations discussed sexual purity, emotional boundaries in romantic relationships, forgiveness, and turning one’s painful negative experiences into an opportunity to empathize and minister to others. T.J.’s personal school of hard knocks and the Holy Spirit has given the author spiritual insight on these complicated and rarely discussed subjects. Learn more about our guest here:

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